Probate Law

With or without a will, the settling of an estate always requires legal counsel. When you need a competent a probate lawyer, call The Law Office Of Geri R. Wyatt, PLLC, a trusted probate law practice in Garland, TX. Geri has assisted numerous clients over the years.

Geri understands that probate administration is a delicate task that requires deep familiarity with the law. Let her provide you with the peace of mind that comes from having a knowledgeable attorney on your case. Schedule an appointment with Geri at our office when you’re ready to discuss probate administration.

Probate Lawyer for Equitable Estate Settlement

The distribution of assets can quickly become a complicated process. However, Geri, as a lawyer for probate administration, minimizes the stress on you and your family. Ensure that your best interests are protected by retaining our services. Our probate administration is the practical way to quickly and satisfactorily settle your estate. As your probate lawyer, Geri will take care of getting the wills admitted to probate and guiding the executor appointed through the probate process.

Contact us today for an appointment with our probate law practice. We serve clients in Dallas and Collin Counties and the surrounding areas.