Child Support

The Child Support Attorney Who Cares About Your Children

You can count on The Law Office Of Geri R. Wyatt, PLLC to make sure you receive the financial means you need to care for your children following a divorce or separation. Geri is the child support attorney that is here to provide the representation you need when seeking to obtain the support your children are entitled to. She has the education and experience needed to not only come to an agreement between you and your child’s parent but to represent your interests in court if negotiation falls through. Call her for representation services that include:

  • Advocating In Court                                  
  • Filing the Necessary Paper Work
  • Establishing Paternity
  • Modifying Payments

By taking advantage of the services offered by our firm, you get an attorney who delves deep into the matter. Geri will examine every aspect of your case in order to be ready to present the information on your behalf. Contact the office today to set up an appointment so that she can begin the process.

Make Sure Your Payments Are Enforced

Settling agreements is only half of her job as a child support attorney. Geri is devoted to making sure that the payments agreed upon and enforced. If your child’s parent is delinquent on payments regularly or simply refuses to pay, trust in her to aggressively pursue the money you are legally entitled to. Call Geri to get to work on securing your payments.

Call Geri today to learn more about the particulars of your agreement and our enforcement services. She is proud to represent the residents of Dallas and Collin Counties and the surrounding areas.